Kareena is a foodie and says herself that I can’t live without food. Like many other she also starts her day with an energy drink.

Kareena Kapoor Weight Loss

To prepare this energy drink you’ll need:

  • 1 glass hot water
  • Juice of half lemon
  • 1 spoon Honey
  • A pinch of Haldi
  1. In a glass of lukewarm water
  2. Add juice of half lemon into this
  3. Add 1 spoon of honey
  4. Add a pinch of Haldi

Drink this early morning empty stomach and have breakfast after 45 minutes

Kareena’s diet plan

Breakfast: It usually comprises of upma or paranthas, muesli, and idlis. She snacks on a brown bread sandwich in between.

Lunch: It is generally the usual roti, dal, and vegetables.

Dinner: At night she usually has dal, vegetables, and cured with roti or brown rice.